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Mindful Connection Institute Session ( TL members only)

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Mindful Emotional Wellness @Tigerlabs

Do you feel your energy and enthusiasm fading? Are you under financial or other kinds of stress? or do you feel that you need to hone your communication skills?  

Mindful Connection Institute @Tigerlabs offers:

  • Mindful emotional intelligence assessment
  • Individual mentoring
  • Group training

We assist you in reconnecting with your real self in the most practical, down-to-earth way, in action or while relaxing. Our first-person learning-by-doing approach cultivates from the inside-out a lasting:

  • Mindful awareness
  • Emotional intelligence

This supports mind and body to recalibrate and realign, supporting mental and physical wellbeing, personal and professional development, and empathic and effective communication.

Carlo Monsanto will present a 30 minutes experiential session @Tigerlabs on Wednesday 7th from 1:00PM to 1:30PM wherein you get a taste of this innovative approach and the possibilities for training, mentoring and (corporate) wellness.



“In my personal life, MCI has allowed me to explore stored emotions that were holding me back.  By enriching my personal life in a profound way, my professional life has also been improved.  I am more present to my client’s internal process, discerning and recognizing patterns of (counter) transference. - Rebecca Rodriguez, Masters in Social Work"