5 Fast Facts about Member Ben Bakelaar


Name/Company Ben Bakelaar, Human Experience Systems & dSpace Design Bootcamp


1. What’s your story (in 3 sentences or less)

Worked full-time in IT and web for 15 years. Left in September 2016 to freelance and start my own business when my daughter was 1 year old. Now 1 year in to my business journey!

2. Biggest aha moment?

“The files are IN the computer!”

3. Share a fun or unique fact about yourself.

Almost grew up in Africa. My cousins grew up in Japan.

4. What motivating factor compelled you to join Tigerlabs?

It was the first coworking space I had heard of! I was working at Princeton Public Library and stopped by for a tour, and wanted a place to “get out of the office”. Fast forward a few years and with no FT job, a coworking space like Tigerlabs was a great place to meet business friends and acquaintances whenever I needed. Plus, there's always a crowd! Last time I was there someone helped me figure out how to work with a Swift template app in Xcode over lunch!

5. You are a new addition to the crayon box, what color are you and why?

Trying to imagine a new color is a pretty good exercise!