Member Spotlight - Ace & Everett

Raymond “Ace” Everett Disch, a World War II veteran and founder of a heavy equipment rental company, was known for three things: his meticulous attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and passion for his work.  So, when his grandsons, Cody and Sage Disch, decided to found their own company, Ace & Everett, their grandfather not only became their namesake, but also their source of inspiration.  

Ace & Everett is the only brand that makes high quality, beautiful men’s socks produced right here in the United States.  The socks are designed to “stay up,” achieved by the reinforcement in the heels and the ribbed calf bands, and to “stand out,” accomplished by the double cylinder construction displaying the pattern on both the inside and outside of the sock.  Ace & Everett also differentiates itself from competitors is through operation in three different distribution channels: wholesale, subscription, and e-commerce.  

Working at Tigerlabs has been beneficial to Ace & Everett because the mentorship has helped provide a more thorough understanding of the business, especially in regards to fleshing out financial projections and roadmapping the achievement of important milestones. Additionally, the objectivity that a third-party provides has been extremely advantageous and refreshing.