CoWorking Spaces Work

A view of our digs at Tigerlabs!

A view of our digs at Tigerlabs!

Whatever the stage of your career, where you work can be every bit as important as what you are working on. We have all heard about the multi-million dollar business  that was created overnight on a bag of potato chips, severals coffees and a laptop, but working from home or in cafes isn’t right for everyone and may not provide the best chance of success for your business. Coworking spaces are emerging in cities around the world, proving that the latest craze in workspace is here to stay.

So why are co­working spaces so popular?

Here are 10 reasons, gathered from sources on the web, why you should ditch the dining room table and check out the coworking space environment.

1. A base for your business

A regular place to work can be key in helping you stay on track by providing a secure base for your business rather than the constant moving around.

2. Networking

Co­working spaces are great ecosystems where you can become part of a community of passionate, like­-minded people. You could meet potential partners, product testers and much more without leaving the comfort of your office space. Coworking spaces are great hubs to attract investors and accelerators looking for new, exciting businesses which can stand you in good stead when looking for growth finance.

3. Events

Workspaces usually offer a variety of events ranging from workshops to talks with successful entrepreneurs and experts. These can offer support and inspiration especially if you are at the early stage of development or looking to build your network.

4. Motivation

Keeping yourself motivated through the ebb and flow of business is never easy. In a coworking space, having a community of people going through similar experiences can be a great help and motivator even in the most challenging of times.

5. Free stuff!

Co­working spaces usually offer great facilities such as printing, fast WiFi, endless coffee and  lockers to store your stuff.  These all make life easier.

6. Mentoring

One of the biggest clinchers for new members is mentoring, where entrepreneurs with experience or specific skills give up their time to advise and help. This is a huge benefit if you are in the early stages and also provides useful future working relationships.

7. Storage

A fixed desk space allows you to store monitors, documents and anything else you may need for work. No more trudging heavy backpacks to and from coffee shops every day!

8. Brand promotion

A workspace is the perfect place to gain customers and promote your business. From advertising in newsletters to posts on social media, there are plenty of ways a workspace can help provide your business with exposure online and offline.

9. Business location

Many co­working spaces are strategically located. This allows for an efficient commute and ease in attending meetings throughout the area. Many coworking spaces have meeting rooms in the workspace. -  so meetings can come to you.

10. It’s fun!

Making good friends is a great aspect of the workspace community, whether it be with other members, mentors or staff. Nothing says workspace like a get together to wind down after a hard week of work with other members. Coworking spaces are a genuinely fun place to be in. Was there a ping pong table at your old office?

Most importantly, co­-working will help your business grow. If these points align with your business goals then you should seriously consider investing in membership at a workspace.


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