Member Spotlight - Aggie Sung

We were all taught that the best way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, but what is the best way to learn?

While contemplating this question, Aggie Sung had a flash of genius. Create a program that teaches children to explore the world by developing and employing skills of a television journalist.

Aggie created The News Kids, a non-profit educational organization that teaches children different topics and turns the teaching into a TV show. Her shows broadcast on Public Access TV stations. Her first show is called "Kids Science News", and children learn science topics. One episode is called "Can Man Survive on Mars" and the kids on the show learned about the Mars environment and came up with solutions to human beings living on an inhospitable planet.

Sung believes that with a world population approaching 8 billion, employment will depend on innovation.

Remembering a Charlie Rose interview with Oracle's Larry Ellison, she laughs, "Ellison described himself and his deceased friend Steve Jobs as two orphans who grew up in lower middle-class families and planned multi-million dollar takeovers. These two guys were some of the greatest innovators of our times."

Sung believes that the kind of innovation that creates employment will come from places like Vineland and Newark. The kids who will innovate the future might not be the ones who have great standardized test scores. So while the kids who do well in school will have a great future, they might have a great future working for the kid that came out of Trenton.

To play her small role in promoting innovation, Sung hopes that "Kids Science News" will bring science learning to children of all backgrounds and that learning has context with real world challenges. Kids Science News airs on Pittsburgh Community TV and DCTV of Washington, DC.

Tigerlabs has been pivotal for Kids Science News. The community spirit and entrepreneurial camaraderie motivates Sung. Moreover, it's location and building makes it a great place to hold classes and film!