Member Spotlight - Savraj Singh

Member Spotlight -  Savraj Singh

The idea for Wattvision first occurred to Singh in 2008. Barack Obama was running for president for the first time, and Savraj Singh ‘03 was at home again, five years after graduating as one of the first Computer Science concentrators from Princeton University. Former President Obama had given his “New Energy for America” speech, calling on all Americans to save energy in their homes and businesses. Taking Obama’s call-to-action to heart, Singh looked for a way to track his own household’s energy usage, but came up blank.

Member Spotlight - Warren Baelen of Arable

Member Spotlight - Warren Baelen of Arable

Warren Baelen, VP of software engineering, and the other team members at Arable started out like the rest of us who are plenty familiar the inaccuracies of current weather models. For farmers, small errors in weather reports can result in oversights in crop yield predictions and a misunderstanding in the atmospheric conditions that produce the healthiest and highest-quality plants. Arable Labs aims at limiting those oversights and misunderstandings by supplying farmers with accurate data acquired directly onsite which it accomplishes through the use of the Pulsepod. 

Member Spotlight - Ace & Everett

Member Spotlight - Ace & Everett

Raymond “Ace” Everett Disch, a World War II veteran and founder of a heavy equipment rental company, was known for three things: his meticulous attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and passion for his work.  So, when his grandsons, Cody and Sage Disch, decided to found their own company, Ace & Everett, their grandfather not only became their namesake, but also their source of inspiration.  

Member Spotlight - Mark Hall

Member Spotlight -  Mark Hall

Every year, four trillion dollars are spent on healthcare, of which, 85% of the transactions are done via paper checks.  Mark Hall recognized this inefficiency and founded G8way as the solution. G8way is a company that is leading the transition to electronic healthcare payments with unique solutions that increase cash flow and reduce the costs for health plans, insurance companies, hospital systems, and ACOs.  

Startup Grind - May 12th

Startup Grind -  May 12th

The Kitchen Twins have been blogging about healthy eating and cooking since they were 9-years-old. Their mission is to get families in the kitchen cooking with natural, whole foods. The Kitchen Twins believe people will feel better if they cook most of their meals themselves instead of having foods that are processed. They hope that their journey will inspire kids and families to cook and get creative in the kitchen.