Health 2.0: Go West, Young Man

published by TigerLabs   Posted September 3, 2013 Blog Image

Each year the healthcare world descends upon Northern California for a grand meeting of the minds: the annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference. Over the course of a week, industry entrepreneurs, operators, professionals, and investors converge to share their work and opinions, collaborating to create a coherent vision for the future of healthcare. This year’s iteration — the 7th Annual Fall Conference — at the Santa Clara Convention Center will bring together the next great wave of healthcare innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley,

This year, Tigerlabs is proud to team up with Health 2.0 as a Media Partner. As such, we are happy to provide all of our you, our followers, with a 15% discount (code: TigerLabs15) to attend the conference and be a part of the future of healthcare. Now, isn’t that exciting?

To register, follow this link:

For more information about Health 2.0 and the upcoming Fall Conference, below you will find the conference summary from Health 2.0. Looking forward to hopefully seeing all of you there! And, if we haven’t previously met, feel free to ping me directly at jamestigerlabsco


James Smits
Partner and Program Director, Tigerlabs

Health 2.0’s 7th Annual Fall Conference covers the consumers, big data, health care marketplaces, and the unplatform technology revolution that is changing every sector of health care. Join over 2,000 health tech executives, entrepreneurs, practitioners, politicians, and investors congregated to watch over 200 LIVE demos and hear from over 180+ speakers on more than 40 panels including our DC to VC Startup Health IT Showcase in partnership with Morgenthaler Ventures. This year we have keynotes from Humana CEO, Bruce Broussard, and the Lt. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

Our Health 2.0 Events & Pre-Conference Sessions Include:

Oct. 3 — Matchpoint | West is an exclusive opportunity for selected health technology entrepreneurs and large stakeholders to meet in designated 15-20 minute meetings. Meetings are arranged based on selected criteria by industry leaders and investors, leading to high-yield discussions with innovative companies! Apply Now!

September 29 — DC to VC Health IT Startup Showcase is a nationwide contest to find the best venture-backable startup ideas in health IT. It culminates with the top 8 finalists presenting on stage at the Health 2.0 Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA to a crowd of health IT enthusiasts on Monday, September 30, 2013. Deadline to Apply is Aug 26. Apply Now!

September 28-29 — Doctors 2.0, Patients 2.0, Health 2.0 EDU, Health 2.0: A Global Perspective, Hosptial Rountables, Care for the Underserved, Pharma 2.0, Beyond Gamification: Designing Behavior Change Games,

Health 2.0 brings a fresh approach to the health technology space. As a leader in showcasing and fostering the discussion and implementation of cutting-edge innovation that’s transforming health and health care, we bring together the best minds, resources and technology for compelling panels, discussions and product demonstrations that catalyze health care at the forefront of innovation in revolutionizing health care technology.

To find out more check out our agenda here. Are you a start-up? Apply here for our start-up rate! If you have questions email